A safety in football is two points right?  Not in during the 2013 Fiesta Bowl when Oregon was awarded a 1-point safety in one of the most obsure football plays you'll ever see.

What occurred during the game is known as a conversion safety. The ball was blocked into then end zone on an extra point try then covered for the single point.  Since the most points that could have been scored on the play was one, the referees awarded Oregon with the point for the safety after they tackled a K-State ball carrier.

Oregon went on to win the game 35-17.

Has this ever happened before? Yes! Texas/Texas A&M in 2004.  Incredibly, announcer Brad Nessler had the call of both games. (The video gets really good at about 2:00 when the referees make their ruling):

The football world took to Twitter to remark on the obscure play.  Some of our favorite One Point Tweets: