Did you see the Syracuse throwback uniforms at the Boston College game at the Dome on Wednesday night?

Really? Social media went nuts!  What was the equipment manager thinking?

'Obviously, the equipment manager brought the wrong shorts,' one Twitter feed spewed.

The look:  it was the throwback orange jersey and dark blue shorts and it did not go over well for the number 1 team in the country.

Therefore, for your consideration, here is our Top 10 list of 'Things Cooler Than the Syracuse Orange-Blue throwback combination.

10.   Dickies, of any color

9.     MC Hammer's Balloon Pants

8.     Muffen Tops

7.     Steve Urkel

6.     Plumber butt crack

5.     Gangsta Jeans falling off the hips

4.      Plaid Leisure Suits

3.      Mullets

2.     Thong Bikinis on Men (Sorry- no link here...you're on your own finding this photo)

1.       David Hasselhoff!!!!!!!