Renowned actor and comedian Richard Belzer joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.

You, of course, have seen him as Detective John Munch of the Law and Order series, appearing as the character in more than ten different T.V. programs(that's a record, btw). But, he's promoting his upcoming movie Polish Bar.

Belzer called it the Jewish version of Mean Streets, where he plays the stepfather of a kid who wants to break from his family tradition to be a DJ.

And, did you know Belzer is an author? Specifically, he writes about conspiracy theories.

In a recent book, called Dead Wrong, he covered Martin Luther King Jr., Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy.

Belzer agreed with Keeler's assertion that people who believe is conspiracy's are often characterized as 'crazy.'

''There are some very sober, intelligent, scholarly people who believe this,'' Belzer said.

Regarding JFK, Belzer says ''there was more than one shooter. When people ask me who killed Kennedy, I say, 'who didn't.'''

On 9-11? ''I'm leaning toward believing there was foreknowledge. I don't think Bush ordered it'', but says he thinks some people wanted it to happen.

His new book ''Hit List'' covers several murders 'in and around' the JFK assassination.