Utica, NY (WIBX) - The Utica Common Council has elected to reserve the right to override Governor Cuomo's 2% tax cap, the council voting to ignore the state's first-ever property tax cap 7-to-2.

If the override vote failed, according to Utica's Budget Director Peter Fiorillo, city layoffs could have approach triple digits.  Stressing his displeasure with the Council for debating the notion of not overriding the state's 2% tax cap, City Comptroller Michael Cerminaro adamantly explained to members the long-term negative impact to the city. "I'm not going to allow this city to go bankrupt and bring in a Control Board", Cerminaro said, adding "I'm not going to allow you people to bankrupt this city". The Comptroller's outrage came after some members of the Common Council debated the notion of not voting to override the State's 2% tax cap.

The Common Council did vote to reserve the right to override the 2% tax cap later in the evening, Councilors Zecca and Vescera cast votes against the override.

As it stands, under Mayor Palmieri's Budget plan, close to 40 citywide layoffs will take place, along with tax hike of nearly 20%. The Common Council will approve or deny the mayor's budget plan March 20th.