Utica, NY (WIBX) - The City of Utica may be one step closer to getting a second Armadillo, that's an armored police vehicle used for nuisance abatement around the city.

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams says the recent flooding in the Southern Tier partially submerged one of these vehicles, telling the Utica Common Council that the $170,000 vehicle could become the possession of UPD with a $10 donation to Brinks International, the current owner of the flooded-out freighter.

"Here's the catch, it has potentially some water damage to it, the good news is that the vehicle was not "on" at the time it got flooded, so it's going to be a slow process" Chief Williams said, adding "They're going to have to go through the engine and try to figure out what the problem is".

It could cost up to $8,000 to get the vehicle on the road, Chief Williams has about a month to find the funding.