(WIBX) - A school in Florida fixed a misspelled sign promoting a Literacy program, but not before students and the media had snapped a few pictures.

Meant to promote "Leaping to Literacy" the sign instead read "Laeping to Literacy," with the "a" before the "e."  The sign went up late Friday and was all over the Internet soon thereafter.

The well-meaning intentions of the school's literacy coach, Patricia Schley, did not go unnoticed.  The school custodian, who had put up the sign, apologized for being "distracted" and the school principal, Robert Vicari, said that he just hopes that the sign does not "end up on 'Jay Leno.'"

Remember the good old days when you could make an honest mistake and it would just be forgotten?  It is probably too late for that but Schley did point out a bonus in all of this...at least the students noticed the spelling error.