This weekend's benefit for the victim's of the Valley Shooting Spree rasied $60,000, according to Shawn McGraw of Envision Event Management, who was one of organizers for the event.

The fundraiser grew to be so large it had to be held at two separate locations: The American Legion in Mohawk and Francesca's in Ilion. The restaurant was home to the auction portion of the fundraiser, where people come see and bid on all the items donated.

And, the lines were long. ''Even the people who had to stand in line for over an hour, they didn't complain,'' McGraw said. ''There were people that never actually made it in to [Francesca's].''

''The money is being divided amongst the families,'' he said, adding that all who were effected, including those displaced by the fire that preceded the shooting spree, will benefit.

''The fire victims lost everything in their lives.''

''My wife came up with the idea for the event. These people needed immediate assistance,'' he said.

''John the Barber...Unfortunately, and I don't blame him, but he's not gonna open back up in that location,'' McGraw said. ''He's misses everybody and wants to open back up, but he definitely doesn't want to do it [at his old shop where the shooting occurred].''

''We are not taking any money for this, no other organization is taking money for this,'' McGraw said.

''A lot of people speculated at first, ya know 'Is this gonna be on the up and up?' There is not gonna be any misappropriation of funds.''