TRUE TALES From Peter Franklin, The Gabby Cabby in New York City

Peter is on Keeler in the Morning weekly.  He's a New York City Cab driver who talks about the crazy happenings in the Big Apple.

One of the greatest fears becomes a reality in New York City.  An apartment house balcony gives way and a lady falls 17 stories to her death.  Punishment by the city?  A $2,000 fine has been issued to the landlord for failure to maintain the balcony. HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO BET THAT THE INSPECTOR FROM THE NYC BUIULDINGS DEPARTMENT WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR INSPECTIONS GOT A PAYOFF FROM THE LANDLORD NOT TO REPORT PROBLEMS?

**** A Brooklyn woman was attacked by two vicious thugs of a different kind. Takara Larson, 26, of Bedford-Stuyvesant says she was scratched and bitten by a pair of raccoons that “appeared to be on drugs.  AND YOU THOUGHT NYC WAS JUST A CONCRETE JUNGLE.

****The police have found the  parrot that was stolen from a Bronx woman and then sold by the robber. To help in the investigation, the NYPD even distributed a photograph of what the bird looked like.  THE BIRD MUST HAVE BEEN YELLING “HELP.”

****Joke du jour:  Doctor Kosiner has just joined a new doctor’s practice and today is his first session on duty. The first patient to enter his office is a woman holding a baby. “How can I help you?“ he says to the woman.  (You can hear this and my other jokes at a link higher up on this page)