Spring is here and vacation time is just around the corner and one place people in the Mohawk Valley like to visit for summer vacation is Cape Cod.  It's there, along with ocean front resorts as far south as Florida, that people sometimes come in contact with the Sheephead Fish.  If you're lucky enough to catch one of these salt water fishes it won't take you long to figure out that this fish has human teeth.  That's right, human teeth!  While it might just be one of the craziest looking creatures you've ever seen come out of salt water, it's actually fairly common.  It's also safe and delicious to eat.  When you examine

Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

further, you find that the Sheephead Fish actually has many more teeth than humans.  The fish is not a man-eater, but does enjoy clams, crabs and mussels which it has no problem consuming.  The fish is also referred to as the Convict Fish because of the black and white stripes that go up and down its body.