The video is called "What Goes On When You Are Not There," and these bears in one of Alberta's Provincial Parks prove it might all just be fun and games - at least when visitors are not around - in Kananaskis Country.

Originally recorded between May and June 2013 by wildlife cameras in the park, the YouTube video has been viewed by more than seventy-five thousand people as of this posting.  Ewan Dobson is credited with providing the music; the bears for providing the fun.

Alberta Tourism, Parks, and Recreation conducts research throughout the more than 470 parks in Canada that are a part of their system.  More than eight million tourists visit the Alberta parks each year.


Is The Clam Licking Salt Video Real?

The video shown here clearly shows a clam "licking" a salt disc, right? Well, not really. Although the tongue is an impressive muscle (check out some of the videos below), what viewers of this YouTube video are actually witnessing is the clam's foot.