A news report from a Fox station in California is a hit online right now. And it's all because of an awesome interview with a hitchhiker who took down a crazy, 300-pound, racist guy using a hatchet.

Basically, the hitchhiker, who's some homeless surfer-dude named Kai, was in the passenger seat when the guy who picked him up started claiming to be JESUS.

Then for no reason, the guy rammed his car into the back of a utility truck, pinning a utility worker between the two bumpers. Then he got out of the car, started saying racist stuff to a woman who ran over to help, and attacked her.

So Kai grabbed the hatchet he apparently carries with him at all times, and went after the guy with it. Eventually, the cops got there and arrested the driver, who reportedly had a pretty nasty head wound form the hatchet.

Now the news report is all over the Internet. And the reporter who talked to Kai about it also posted the raw, uncensored interview, which is NSFW.

By the way, in case you're wondering, the utility worker did survive.