It's trick-or-treat time again.
This year AAA is reminding people to take precautions to keep both children and adults safe during one of the fastest growing holidays in the last ten years.

Ed Welsh of AAA Central New York says a few things to remember are plan to have a designated driver if you are attending a party with alcohol. If you are hosting a party, be prepared to let intoxicated guests stay the night, and have a list of local cab companies on hand.

Welsh also says that kids trick-or-treating can be very excited so it is up to drivers to drive defensively and pay special attention in residential neighborhoods where children might dart in and out of the street. His advice is to treat residential neighborhoods like school zones during trick-or-treat hours.

AAA is also reminding parents to plan their trick-or-treat route in advance, make sure their children's costumes fit properly and to make sure they have a reliable flashlight with them.