Utica, NY (WIBX) - AARP, a non-profit group that helps people 50 and over improve their lives, hosted one of the first in a series of round table discussions today, and organizers say the aim is to focus on local concerns. Associate State Director for Community Outreach, Erin Mitchell, says they will also conduct a survey of attendees to improve the group's advocacy work.

Mitchell said that the overall aim of AARP is to help New Yorkers stay healthy and financially independent and added that the survey conducted today revealed that, "82-percent of people here in this room today, are really worried about their children's generations financial security, not so much their's, because the generation right now that we have for the most part involved in today's  this round table discussion, they have saved and they are pretty set with their retirement," she said.

Mitchell said some of the other items local senior's say they were concerned about, include the nation's economic downturn, the rising cost of healthcare and the national debt. Jean McBride, a senior and AARP member from Utica, says the discussions are leading to even more talks between local chapter members. "It's bringing up a lot of different discussions among our own group, which is good. Like, what are our worries, as far as being financially sound, healthcare, jobs, those are the types of things we're worried about," McBride said.
McBride says seniors are especially worried about the younger generation who are dealing with a tough economy and a lack of jobs and provided this simple but well proven advice, "Don't take things for granted, save your money -- you're going to need it when you get older -- get a job that you can really enjoy doing but one that will also be an advantage to you." For more information about upcoming round table discussions go to, www.aarp.org.