The NY Times recently published a feature in their travel section and named The Adirondacks as one of ‘46 Places to Go in 2013.  What makes the mention substantial is the fact that America's largest state park is one of only seven places listed from the United States; not to mention the fact that the nearby park joins the ranks of amazing places like Rio de Janeiro, Montenegro, Casablanca and Paris.

“Backwoods New York is about to get more glam,” says the New York Times, citing the fact that the downstate crowd is once again choosing the Adirondacks for a vacation destination.  On Thursday’s FIRST NEWS with KEELER IN THE MORNING, we’ll talk about this and take it one step further.  We’ll work to come up with a list of seldom-mentioned local places that we feel would be worthy of at least one visit over the next 12 months.  If you have an idea, send us a message or call-in tomorrow between 6 and 9 at 736-0186.

Here's a link to the NY Times story