Utica, NY (WIBX) - Christian Patterson took a defiant stance as he spoke during his sentencing hearing in Oneida County Court this morning. Patterson, who will spend the rest of his natural life in prison for killing Oneida County Sheriff Deputy Kurt Wyman during a domestic dispute that led to a 6-hour stand-off in the Town of Augusta last June, first apologized for his actions, and then accused the Oneida County Sheriff's Office of lying to the Wyman family about the incidents that took place the night Wyman was shot and killed.

"Their inconsistencies and lies to the judge, the jury the Wyman family, the people of Oneida County, they need to be investigated from top to bottom and bottom to top," he said after accepted the judge's offer to address the court, which was filled with grey and black uniforms.

Judge Barry Donalty called Patterson "pathetic" for making the accusations. "How utterly pathetic to blame this entire incident rest solely on you Mr. Patterson and noone else. Only because of your anger, your inability to control yourself this happen, how dare you blame anybody else," he said as he handed down the stiff sentence Patterson is to serve for the crime.

Several family members of Wyman also took the opportunity to address Patterson. Emotions ran high as his widow, mother and father expressed how much Wyman is missed. His widow Lauren Wyman said, "Because of your bad choices this world lost an honorable man. I lost my husband and my two beautiful children lost their father. My son is so young he won't have memories to hold on to, just picture. And, my daughter never got to meet her daddy. I birthed her without Kurt at my side 18-hours after you killed him. You took away my partner best friend, lover, helpmate and husband."

Patterson will serve the three life terms consecutively, including his 1-year sentence for the weapons charge. He was sent off to jail facing a "Wall of Shame" formed by the law enforcement community and Wyman family and friends.

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