A Utica teen who won an American Idol audition in Florida gave First News with Keeler in the Morning a sample of her amazing voice.

Alyssa Clayton, who is just 14, won the audition singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus. It's actually the song she had hoped to sing in her prior auditions, but couldn't because contestants before her had already claimed it.

Big Frog 104 reports Alyssa had come close before:

This was Alyssa’s third try at getting to the Idol finale. According to mom Amy, Alyssa went through three rounds before the finale.  The first round is 1 on 1, then you’re in front of the producers.  Round 3 is in front of a live audience where they vote. Then it’s the finale, with all winners from the day competing.

Now, Alyssa can't audition for the TV circuit until she is 15, but she can use here ticket at any time after she turns 15. The ticket she earned allows her to skip to the front of the line, and she'll need to pass just one level to make it to a TV audition.

Here is video of Alyssa in studio with WIBX:

Here Alyssa talks about the audition process: