Baltimore, MD (WIBX) - Doctors at the University of Maryland are releasing details about some incredible surgery.

37-Year old Richard Lee Norris has received the most extensive face transplant to date.

Since the 1997 gunshot accident that took away most of his face including his jaw, teeth, mid-face, and tongue, the disfigurement was believed to have turned the Virginia man into a recluse.  That was before the surgery.  Doctors say people are now staring in admiration.

The operation took more than 36-hours. Norris can reportedly "feel" parts of his face and has even begun shaving.

The family of the anonymous donor whose face has transformed the life of Norris is also being credited with saving the lives of five other transplant recipients.

Dramatic photos of the transformation can be seen below this story. For more information on the procedure you can visit the University of Maryland Medical Center's website: