It has been a rough week for the Obama administration.

John Zogby, senior analyst with Zogby Analytics, shared his thoughts on the two issues and what he expects upcoming polls will reflect about the president's approval numbers.

Zogby said he wouldn't put much stock in the impeachment talk coming from the opposition party, but said it does appear the Banghazi situation seems to have been 'ham handled', as the administration initially stone walled answers regarding the attack on the consulate from the beginning.

''Worst of all, the administration has let this drag, so that is appears to be a cover had the White House press secretary saying 'Well, this happened a really long time ago,' which is a terribly arrogant thing to [say].''

Regaring the IRS story, Zogby said he believed there was much more to the story, just based off what officials have admitted to this point.

Polling shows Obama's job approval last week was at 51% - virtually unchanged over the last three months - but indicated he thought those numbers would fall in upcoming polls.

Zogby's grad for the president last week was a C+.

''I wasn't ready to say things had fallen apart, but he certainly handled things badly.''

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