Syracuse, NY (WIBX) - Former Congressman Michael Arcuri is picking up the pieces after losing the 24th District seat to Republican Richard Hanna last year. Arcuri just announced he joined the law firm of Hancock Estabrook, LLP. According to the report, Arcuri will practice litigation, government affairs and corporate law.

In a written statement Arcuri said, "I chose to join Hancock Estabrook because of its focus on serving businesses and individuals from Upstate New York with an extremely talented and diverse group of lawyers, whom I find to be both engaging and friendly." Arcuri goes on to say that the new position offers him the opportunity to transition from public life.

Arcuri was the longest serving Oneida County District Attorney before running for New York's 24th Congressional District seat as a Democrat. He served two terms in Congress from 2007 to 2010 before losing to Hanna who won the seat on his second attempt.

Hancock Estabrook, LLP is located in downtown Syracuse at 1500 AXA Tower I. For more information, visit