New York State has until February 22, to stop the use of Electronic Benefit Transfer cards at bars, strip clubs and casinos or risk losing $120 million in federal funding.

Governor Cuomo has included part of Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi's Public Assistance Integrity Act in his latest budget proposal.

Public assistance cash benefits are often distributed through EBT cards and can be withdrawn at ATMs.

The plan prohibits the use of EBT cards to withdraw money at ATM machines in bars, casinos and strip clubs.

Brindisi's bill would also prohibit the the direct purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or lottery tickets with public assistance benefits.

"Public assistance helps individuals in need by giving them access to basic necessities," Brindisi said. "The majority who receive it use it in an appropriate manner to care for their families. Unfortunately, the few who misuse the benefits by withdrawing cash to purchase items like lottery tickets, tobacco or alcohol, are abusing the system and wasting taxpayer dollars."