We have all been frustrated on the telephone while trying to solve a problem with a product or service; but, I'm not sure that anyone has ever reached the level of intensity that comes across in this recently released Customer Service complaint call.

We don't know much about this call.  The names, product and company have all been removed; but, the tension in this customer service call is epic.

There's probably a lesson here; in fact, there are probably many.  One might be that when they tell you 'calls may be recorded for customer service training' - you should probably believe them.

Disclaimer:  Listen to the audio with caution.  There are two versions:  one is un-edited with a great deal of profanity and the other has the swearwords beeped out.  Either way, please listen with caution as these calls might not be suitable for a work environment or in the company of children.

Version 1 has 'beeped out' profanity:

Version 2 is unedited and R-Rated: