Even though the Colorado Rockies play at Coors Field, and the Milwaukee Brewers are actually named "the brewers" and play at Miller Park, none of these teams allow booze in their clubhouses. More and more baseball teams are banning booze from their clubhouses according to the latest reports.

Last fall, officials in the commissioner's office considered a league-wide ban on alcohol in the locker room. Recently the issue made headlines when Bobby Valentine, the new manager of the Red Sox, announced that his team would be going dry.

Jan Withers, the national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, thinks this move is a responsible one for baseball:

"Celebrities — and sports figures are major celebrities in this country — are role models. So it is an effective statement when they ban alcohol in the locker room," she says. "It really makes a difference. That they're coming out and just making a clear statement to be safe. I am grateful to them for doing this."

Currently there are 18 teams in the league who have already banned booze. An idea for a league-wide ban on alcohol is still under discussion.

[via CBS News]