Illusionist Leon Etienne and his partner Romy Low are vying for a million dollars on NBC's America's Got Talent; but before their fame, Leon performed a record breaking stunt on the Keeler in the Morning Show.

Etienne attempted to create a Guinness record for the most straight jacket escapes in one hour while hanging upside down.  The Houdini inspired stunt took an amazing amount of endurance.

"It's definitely an endurance test," he said. "I wouldn't recommend doing it without practice. When the adrenaline comes down, that's when you really start to feel all of the injuries and the soreness," added Etienne.

Dangling from a tow truck and restrained in a straight jacket, escaping seems tough enough. Amazingly, Leone Etienne did it 63 times in an hour on November 21st, 2009.

Watch Video of the Stunt: