Albany, NY (WIBX) - A measure aimed at banning the sale of hallucinogenic bath salts--which overwhelmingly passed the Senate and Assembly--is now headed to Governor Cuomo for consideration. Senator Joe Griffo who introduced the bill along with Assemblyman Ed Braunstein says, the ban is for specific substances that make up the meth-like bath salts and says Cuomo can veto or sign off on the measure.

Griffo said, "And he has to determine whether or not he agrees and will sign it into law. I don't see why he wouldn't considering that his own Health Commissioner has expressed similar concerns and issued a administrative directive. Now we believe this should have the weight of law and as a result of this legislation with his signature, will be law."

The Department of Health issued an emergency ban on the product following reports of numerous overdoses and other violent incidents involving the legal substance. If Cuomo approves the measure, New York would be following 5 other states--New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota and Oregon--in banning the sale of the chemical substances that make up Bath Salts.