February is Black History Month and it might surprise you to find out that many of the people who don't like the celebration of Black History in America designated to an entire month like February, just so happen to be African-American.

It began in 1925 as 'Black History Week' and was later extended to the entire month of February by proclamation of President Gerald Ford in 1974. But it was an interview on the CBS news program 60 Minutes on June 14, 2006 that started a movement against the designation.  Film star Morgan Freeman was asked by Mike Wallace about the month and Freeman called it 'ridiculous.'

"You're going to relegate my history to a month." he asked.  "What do you do with yours?  Which month is White History Month?"

That interview started a movement among Black Americans.

PBS aired a piece in February of 2012 on a documentary that investigated both sides of the argument and included a film maker who made a documentary that was inspired by Freeman's interview.

What do you do with yours?  Which month is White History Month?

Film maker Shukree Tilghman set out to investigate Black History Month in hopes of answering the question once and for all, 'Should Black History Month exist in modern America?'   Watch the segment from PBS News Hour  as they look at both sides of the issue.