Utica, NY (WIBX) - If you want to participate in the 35th annual Boilermaker, spots are quickly running out.

10,657 people have signed up to run the 15k, and 1,027 people have registered to run the 5k.

This year, caps are set at 14,000 runners for the Boilermaker and 4,000 for the 5k event.

Race Director Jim Stasaitis says at this pace, the Boilermaker will sell out by the end of the month, but "the only question is if it sells out early of late in the month."

According to officials, 2012's registration numbers are more than double the amount at this time for last year's Boilermaker, when only 4,266 people had registered for the main event and 425 had signed up for the 5k.

In addition, so far more women have registered to participate than men, filling up 51 percent of the field. If these numbers hold, this would be the first year where women make up the majority of runners.

The race is scheduled for Sunday, July 8th.