Homestead, FL (WIBX) - After cruising to an easy Sprint Cup Championship last night, Brad Keselowski took advantage of a few of his sponsor's products just after finishing the race.

But, as Keselowski knows, racing is hard work. When you're racing hard for several hours with your first championship on the line, you tend to sweat... a lot.

And when you're pounding a couple Miller Lites the second you climb out of the car, you end up with moments like this.

SportsCenter took the opportunity to speak with the 28-year-old Penske racer during his celebration, and, by then, the beer was already starting to take hold. Still, even while "buzzed," the champ pushes through a memorable interview, thanking nearly everyone under the sun, including his crew and fans.

Check out the video below for his interview, and follow him on Twitter here.