Dozens of property owners in the midst of the Marcellus Shale Play in Bradford County, Pennsylvania weren't feeling much love on Valentine's Day for the gas industry.

Residents at a rally in Towanda said they are not getting the money they were promised by the gas companies.

Over 100 people rallied at the Bradford County Courthouse to draw attention to a bill being considered by the State House that would require gas companies to pay out 12.5 % in royalties under their mineral lease agreements with property owners.

Some of the residents gathering at the February 14 demonstration say the gas companies flat-out lied to them about making regular gas lease payments and some say Chesapeake Energy and others are reducing royalty payments to nothing.  The land owners say the drillers had promised 12.5% royalties from the start. But the state overturned the minimum payment scale in a court case almost four years ago.

Elected officials in Bradford County say all taxpayers, not just those with mineral rights lease agreements, are being gypped with money being withheld, as well from the county and state taxpayers.