Darren McCollester, Getty Images

US Airways Flight 1716 to be stopped on the tarmac at Boston's Logan Airport.

The flight arrived from Philadelphia International.

It is being reported by local news outlets in Boston that an unidentified piece of luggage on the plane has caused authorities to stop the plane.

Temporary flight restrictions had be put into effect yesterday, April 15, 2013 following the Boston Marathon bombing, but those restrictions had been lifted by 6:15pm.

CBS Boston is quoting State Police spokesman David Procopio  as saying that a piece of luggage on the plane that had not been checked in Philadelphia, the point from where the flight originated.  He added that they do not believe the incident has anything to do with the Boston Marathon bombing, although safety awareness is certainly heightened at Logan because of it.

A listing on US Air's Facebook page shows the flight arriving from Philadelphia but does not acknowledge its landing in Boston.