In a recent letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi asked to eliminate concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) regulations for small dairy farms.

He says moving the CAFO threshold from 200 to 300 cows allows farmers to increase milk production and provide more support to the booming Greek yogurt industry.

"What you see is that a lot of these dairy farmers have the capacity for more cows and for higher dairy production, but they're not utilizing it because of the cost per cow," Brindisi. "We want to make sure that any milk that is used in the yogurt industry is produced in New York State, not out of state."

The current CAFO regulations place fees of up to $2,400 per cow if a farmer has more than 200 head in a herd. By moving the threshold up, farmers can produce more milk without the threat of costly fees hurting their business.

Cuomo has already pledged to increase the threshold, but has yet to take action. He has until February 12th to make the changes to his executive budget proposal before releasing it to the Legislature.