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Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced that he has contacted Target corporate headquarters over concerns of the retailer's recent data breaches that affected almost 40 million credit card accounts.
Brindisi wants Target to make long overdue upgrades to their firewall system that protects credit card information.

"Target and other retailers need to step up to the plate and make the investments in their systems that ensure consumer protections," Brindisi said. "As technology evolves, data breaches are only going to be more common, unless retailers have up-to-date systems in place to stop cyber thieves in their tracks."

He is also pushing the Federal Trade Commission to speed up the transition from magnetic strips to digital chips in credit cards.

Brindisi wants that move to happen sooner than the fall 2015 planned deadline.

Target reported that Between November 27 and December 15, customer names, card numbers and pin numbers of almost 40 million customers were hacked.

Read Brindisi's letter to Target below:

Dear Mr. Steinhafel:

I write today with great urgency as it relates to Target’s recent data breach, which occurred between November 27 and December 15.  This breach, which your company is working to rectify, has potentially exposed my constituents to identity theft, fraudulent charges, and undue stress.Though we await the findings of an official investigation, it remains clear that Target is now aware of weaknesses in its firewall system.  It is my hope that these weaknesses, all of them, are addressed before another breach of consumer data.  I understand the costs associated with ensuring data and other cybersecurity threats are thwarted, but I have always believed those are priceless investments to be made.

The region of New York State I represent is home to a hub of cybersecurity innovation.  There are countless professionals, academic anchors, and hardworking students who devote all of their time to protecting companies like Target from becoming a victim.  Perhaps you or a representative from Target is interested in learning more as it relates to threats and how to stop them.  If so, I would happily host you or another Target representative here in upstate New York to learn more about the industry’s latest advancements.

Again, it is my hope that Target will do all it can to protect its customers.  Moreover, if your company is interested in my offer to visit the Utica-Rome region of New York State and learn more about these threats and how to stop them, I am more than willing and able to host.  I appreciate your time and remain hopeful Target will prevent a breach like this from happening in the future.


Anthony Brindisi

New York State Assemblyman