Donald Sterling has some company grabbing race-related headlines this week as a substitute teacher in New York is now without a job after allegedly re-posting a comment on social media.

MetroSource is reporting that Zoe Naylor, whose personal Twitter page appears to have been shut down as of this posting, admitted to re-tweeting a racially derogatory post on the site.

Naylor, who has been working for New York's Albany City School District at the Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School since 2012, also coached the girls' softball team.

The tweet consisted of a photo of a baby and text below it which read, "lil n----  (sic) look like john legend (sic)," referring to the actor and Grammy award winning singer songwriter.

Naylor was subsequently fired.  Ron Lesko, a spokesman for the district, has told ABC's Albany-based station News 10 that they " not tolerate the use of that kind of language by any employee of our district."

The tweet by Naylor follows one by another Twitter user, rahel (Twitter: @_rahella).



The picture posted by "rahel" was of her infant nephew, who does bear a striking resemblance to the celebrity.  So much so that the media took notice.

John Legend himself responded to the tweet, which by then had been picked up by ABC News and Buzzfeed, showing his real baby picture.

It is unknown at this time if "rahel's" picture was that to which Naylor was originally responding.  However, the two tweets appeared within a few days of one another, the original and more innocent sharing of a family member's baby picture was posted on April 20, 2014.  And, although the picture in the Naylor tweet was most likely also that of an adorable baby, all seem to agree that there was nothing cute about the comment that accompanied it.