Utica, NY (WIBX) - Utica's Republican Mayoral candidate Robert Cardillo has launched a series of community meetings with neighborhoods across the city.

Cardillo says that as each neighborhood has different needs, the Neighborhood Council Meetings will help to keep communication open and encourage community involvement in rebuilding each of the neighborhoods.

"During the last several months it's become very clear that each neighborhood in this city has different concerns," he said. "What's important to people in North Utica is much different than what concerns the people in South Utica or Cornhill, for example. I want to meet with people from each neighborhood in small groups so we can discuss their needs and ultimately work together to put Utica back on top," he added.

He goes on to say he wants Utica to be known as the "City of Opportunity" for new businesses, careers, and families.

If elected, Cardillo vows to keep meeting with each neighborhood periodically.

The first small group session will be for South Utica residents, and is taking place this Wednesday at 7, at Raspberries Cafe.

City residents interested in attending can sign up on the "Cardillo for Mayor" website, www.cardilloformayor.com, or by calling campaign headquarters at 315-520-8571.

Locations for each of the meetings will be announced at a later date.