Utica, NY (WIBX) - Republican candidate for Mayor of Utica, Robert Cardillo, took his friends and supporters to McDonald's in North Utica to announce what he dubs--his plan of attack.Opening the presentation with a moment of silence in honor of slain Oneida County Deputy Sheriff Kurt Wyman, Cardillo says if elected, his administration will bring professional leadership to the job.

Cardillo said, "Our administration will have qualified and professional leaders running city government. The way I look at this position is that I'm quite frankly on a job interview. I'm on a job interview with every citizen in the City of Utica. They're looking at Bob Cardillo and have to determine if he's qualified for that job."

Cardillo, flanked by his family, took the time to highlight some of the changes he'll implement should he win. He says he'll re-evaluate the need for a Public Safety Commissioner--a job currently held by Dan LaBella. He said, "We will look into the role of the Public Safety Commissioner and either re-define, re-direct or look at re-evaluating the role of the Public Safety Commissioner. This city spends a considerable amount of money in this office--we may not be able to afford it so we're going to look on day one as to whether or not we really need to continue to have a Public Safety Commissioner."

He says he will also create a Grants Office in the city to find development dollars that can help improve the areas infrastructure and go after green energy incentives. Speaking directly to Rome mayor James Brown in the audience Cardillo said, "We need to do exactly what Jim Brown did and Jim I hope you understand I'm not going to re-invent the wheel--I'm going to come to you for advice." Brown, who's running for a 3rd term says his office stands ready to assist Cardillo, should voters choose him as Utica's next mayor, similar to his administrations successful cooperation with the Town of New Hartford.

Cardillo went onto to  says that he plans to address the areas deterioration infrastructure, the sewer system, the recent flood damage, and work to improve cultural and diversity issues in the city. "We Can Do It, And We Will Do It" seemed to be the signature phrase the candidate used throughout his speech, touting his mission to improve the area as Utica's next Mayor.