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Blind USA Hockey Team Training in Utica Area
The United States Blind Hockey team was in the Utica area this week training for an upcoming game against Canada this fall. The training is sponsored by the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI) and was held at the Whitestown Community Center.
Attorney Hobika Quized on Survival Tips
Have you ever wondered the truth about survival tips that you grew up hearing about? For instance, if bitten by a rattle snake, should you suck out the venom? If stranded in the desert, can you survive by drinking water from a cactus?
Rome Mayor Izzo on Downtown Progress
Rome Mayor Jackie Izzo was on Keeler this week talking about proceeding with downtown economic development projects that will be getting under way after the city won funding from Albany. Governor Ansdrew Cuomo announced the funding recently at a stop at the Mohawk Valley Community College's Ro…

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