Marcy, NY (WIBX) - "This is just the beginning of what's to come" ... those are the words used by SUNYIT President, Dr. Wolf Yeigh during the ribbon cutting ceremony marking the official grand opening of the new state-of-the art Student Center.

Dr. Yeigh, flocked by lawmakers, RoAnn Destito, Joseph Griffo, and former State Senator Ray Meier, said 2011 will be a busy one for the school with the oncoming completion of other campus construction projects such as the new Field House. "What this Field House will allow us to have is a state-of-the art facility to complement all the other things that are going on so, that's the next project that we're going to be opening and we anticipate that in April," Yeigh Said. The May Commencement Ceremony will take place in the new facility he said.

Another construction project slated for its grand opening in June is the new Resident Hall for incoming freshman's. Dr. Yeigh says the steady improvement of the campus will increase student enrollment as well as expand educational programming and activities.

Student Association President, Jeanyhwh, Desulme is a senior majoring in Computer Information Systems. He said the new center will improve campus life for everyone. "It means a lot of things, primarily events. Before we didn't have a place to hold large events, now we have a multipurpose room were we can hold events. We have an organization area were we can collaborate between different organizations," he said. Desulme who is completing his final year at SUNY says he regrets that he'll only get to use the new facility for a short time before graduation.