Utica, NY (WIBX) - City Comptroller Michael Cerminaro has announced his candidacy for Utica Mayor.

Cerminaro says his decision comes after many years of serving the citizens of Utica as a Councilman, Council President, DPW Commissioner and city Comptroller.

He says the experience and hands-on-know-how that he has gained over the past 25 years has prepared him to deal with the ongoing problems facing our area and to offer solutions that will move the city and the entire region forward in a positive fashion.

Cerminaro says he'll be circulating petitions during the primary season to secure the Republican line for the general election and will also seek the endorsements of other parties, including the Conservative and Independence parties.

The City Republcan Committee has endorsed Robert Cardillo for Mayor.

Dems Still Screening

Meanwhile, two candidates have screened thus far for the Democratic party's endorsement for Utica mayor.

Mitch Ford, chairman of the city's democratic committee, says Robert Palmieri and Common Council President William Morehouse both screened for the party's endorsement last week.

Ford expects more candidates will be screening before the committee. He says Democrats will likely endorse their candidate for mayor sometime in mid-May.