Utica, NY (WIBX) - Two representatives from the Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School were at the Utica Public Library last night to talk about the proposed Utica Charter School.

Doctor Fehmi Damkaci (Fay-me Dom-ka-see) is President of the Board of Trustees for the SASCS. He said proposing a charter school will benefit Utica by giving students more options to learn.

"Opening a charter school or proposing a charter school doesn't mean that the public school is bad," Damkaci said. "This is just another option for the parents who will be in the city. So, currently, there is only one high school with one curriculum. So, when you have another charter school in the city, it will be a different setting, a smaller setting, compared to a larger school setting."

Ann Maher is a co-lead applicant for the Mohawk Valley Community Charter School Initiative, a second school with plans to operate.

She said though her group's proposal targets younger children, the two schools share the same goal.

"I think what we share in common is a desire to bring school choice and new opportunities to the families and the children of the Mohawk Valley," Maher said.

The proposed Utica Charter School has plans to open in August of 2013, with 180 students in grades 6 through 9. Each year, one grade will be added, along with more students, until the final total reaches 420 in August of 2017.

Representatives for the group say the school will focus on STEM learning and will encourage students to think critically and creatively.