Local yogurt manufacturer Chobani of New Berlin has a commercial in this year's Superbowl and there's a sneak peak online.

Who is the announcer in the Super Bowl commercial.  Scroll to the bottom to find out

America's top selling Greek Yogurt is focusing on the fact that their product is made with all natural ingredients.  It's a humorous spot featuring a country store, a big bear and Chobani yogurt.  The focus is on all-natural ingredients.

This could be in reaction to Whole Foods announcement that they would no longer carry Chobani because of the ingredients used to make the product (which is likely over the fact that Chobani uses milk from farms that raise GMO-fed cows).

Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya reacted strongly to Whole Foods announcement during an interview on CNBC.  "We're mass and we're proud of it and consumers everywhere can find our Greek Yogurt at their local stores."

Here's the spot that's expected to run in the Superbowl.

Who is the Voice in the Chobani Super Bowl commercial? We're talking about the announcer at the end.  Turns out, he's from a very popular television series.