Utica, NY (WIBX) - Protesters with the Occupy Utica movement spent a cold night outside last evening, protesters had been using the City's power at Liberty Bell Park to run appliances such as space heaters and microwaves, however a concerned citizen's phone call questioning the group's usage of city power, prompted the City's Clerk Joan Brenon, to look into the matter.

According to Brenon, the electricity for that park should have been turned off at the end of Utica Monday Nite's season.

"I felt is was our responsibility to turn it off, because now we're getting into the very cold weather and with space heaters running, the taxpayers could not afford this expense" said Brenon, adding that "We want to extend every courtesy to them, but electricity was one that we can't afford".

The City Clerk also told WIBX that members of the Ocuppy Utica movement took up a collection, offering about $30.00 to the City Clerk. No word on whether or not portable gas generators will be allowed at the site.