The City of Utica has reached a settlement with the family of Kristin Mary Palumbo Longo.

The 39-year old Utica resident was born in Ilion.  She grew up in Frankfort and was an alumnus of Notre Dame.

Kristin was stabbed to death by her husband, Joseph Longo, Jr., a Utica Police officer who killed himself after killing Kristin in 2009.

At issue was whether Longo's employer, the City of Utica and former police chief Daniel LaBella, could have prevented Kristin's death based on apparent evidence of Officer Longo's increasingly erratic behavior.

After years of litigation, Mayor Robert Palmieiri released a statement this evening announcing that the City is paying $2 million to Longo's four children.

In the statement he says that the City will make no additional comments on the settlement.

Letter from City of Utica Rob Palmieri December 18, 2013