Discussing the ongoing developments regarding a possibly missile attack or more on Syrian, Colgate University's Robert Kraynak joined WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning.

Kraynak, a professor of Political Science, believes President Obama has publicly mishandled the United States' threat of action of the reported use of chemical weapons.

''President Obama has made a series of mistakes and now he's going to congress to help save him from political embarrassment,'' Kraynak said.

''Certainly we should be concerned about the civil war in Syria and certainly we should be concerned about the use of chemical weapons...I think including congress is a good idea, but he should have done that first. He's done it backwards and that makes it worse.''

Kraynak also said that rather that striking a blow to Syria, Obama indicated this would be a symbolic strike that wouldn't make any difference.

On rumors that rebels used chemical weapons against their own people to draw global attention, Kraynak said it's always possible, but not likely.

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