(WIBX) - If you wonder why you might be paying more for certain fruit these days, the Plum Pox Virus might be to blame.

To offset some of the increase, many farmers are applauding the USDA today for updating and upgrading compensation rates for New York growers whose orchards are affected by the stone fruit disease known as the "Plum Pox Virus," or "PPV."

New York State Agriculture Commissioner Darrel J. Aubertine said that support "is key in eradicating this potentially economically devastating disease."

Under the new plan an acre of three-year old trees in a wholesale orchard would increase from just over $9,429 to $12,737 an acre. The compensation is paid to growers who are forced to remove PPV-infected trees to prevent spread of the virus.

The value of New York peach, plum, nectarine, and apricot crops has nearly doubled since compensation rates were originally set in 2000.