It appears that a wetlands permit designation by the Army Corps of Engineers continues to hold up progress for a nanocenter facility on the SUNYIT campus in Marcy, NY.

Congressman Richard Hanna joined First News with Keeler in the Morning on Friday - coming in just after Keeler expressed his disgust with the area's lack of progress, and disappointment in the ability of elected officials to bring jobs to the area.

Hanna opened with his own tongue in cheek opinion on the culture of the New York State Legislature:

''It seems you've got to die or be indicted to get out of the senate or assembly, and sometimes getting indicted doesn't work. It's kind of embarrassing. Better people need to get involved and we need a more competitive process. Gerrymandering has really ruined this country in a lot of ways. There are less than 30, or so, competitive districts in this country and I consider myself to be lucky to be in one of those 'swing' seats.''

Getting to the nanocenter issue, Hanna continued, ''How many years have we been told 'It's a matter of if and not when' a nanocenter facility was coming. And, here we sit, years and years and millions of dollars later with nothing, over a permit that I consider arbitrary and capricious. It shouldn't even be relevant, What is the Army Corps of Engineers doing in Marcy, NY, deciding a piece of land with a depression in it should hold back a community the size of ours, or any size [from development].

''They're not business people, they're aren't engaged in outcomes. They've very rigid...and frankly they don't give a damn.''

''On a personal level I guess I can get mad,, but it isn't about me,'' Hanna said.

Commenting about how the area seems to be stuck in neutral, or sometimes reverse, while other communities see growth and jobs:

''Downstate runs upstate and they're running it into the ground. Nobody cares about us unless we make them care.''