After receiving a classified briefing from senior officials in the Obama Administration, U.S. Representative Richard Hanna released a statement on his stance on taking military action against Syria. "I have spoken to hundreds of constituents in the 22nd Congressional District. All are bone tired of war and appropriately skeptical of another overseas military engagement," Hanna said. "The use of poison gas to cause the wanton extermination of children and innocent civilians in Syria brings immeasurable anguish to all of us. The question has been put to Congress - Should we respond with military force?"

Hanna continues, "In my opinion, serious questions have not been adequately answered: Is there an outcome that's predictable? Do we fully understand the reprecussions of taking sides in a civil war? What would the impact be on vulnerable Syrian populations, including Christians? Would our engagement do more harm than good? What is the potential for a larger, long-term involvement?"

"Therefore, I am unconvinced that U.S. military involvement at this time would improve the situation or advance American interests in the region. I am pleased to see other opportunities are being presented that could address the situation. I will continue to monitor these events."

President Obama will address the Nation tonight on the Syrian situation. You can listen to the President's speech live on WIBX and

Hanna will join WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning tomorrow morning.