Congressman Richard Hanna (R-NY) is weighing in on the continually changing situation in Syria.

Hanna says there in no doubt that the crisis was handled haphazardly but to think that the United States does not know what is going on in Syria is disingenuous.  He says, "If Assad blows his nose they know where the Kleenex goes."

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He says it is not about Obama, nor the American experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan; it is about the US position in the world.  He says that the people are right to be skeptical about this particular topic.  With regard to Syria he says we should "go home and call it a day."

Hanna cautions against President Obama acting unilaterally, saying that the eminent attack clause does not appear to hold water right now, negating justification of possible use of the War Powers Act.  Hanna says that regardless of the Putin compromise, he would have voted no on military intervention in Syria.

Hanna says that the members of Congress were briefed extensively and there appears no evidence that Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons.  He adds that this is not the first time chemical weapons have been used; there are indications that they may have been used at least ten other times.

He questions whether the United States is perceived as weaker by the international community if it does not conduct military strikes and believes that Syria's acceptance of Russia's proposal is "nothing more than a stalling strategy."

Hanna says that he does not think that he should respond to polls; he should vote his conscience, taking the will of the people into account.  He says that if he votes in a manner which is contrary to public opinion he knows that he better be willing and able to defend it.

He says he does hold the President's "red line" comment against him, but there can be no denying that the statement did not help his credibility.