Newton, CT (WIBX) - Still many unanswered questions in a tragic mass shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut that has left a total of 27 people dead, including 20 children and the shooter himself.

Police officials held a news conference just after 3:30 on Friday, just hours after the massacre, confirming the death toll, saying 18 children died at the school and two more died at the hospital.

Various media outlets have reported the shooter as Ryan Lanza, but now say it was his younger brother, Adam Lanza.

Police officials, however,refused to confirm the gunman's identity or motive at this time.

Police also confirm there is a secondary crime scene in Newtown, where an adult is deceased, but would comment further about the details.

That would bring the death toll to 28.

Officials said they are actively working to determine how and why this incident occurred, but set no timetable for those questions may be answered.

A television news anchor from Connecticut who was a guest on the Sean Hannity radio program Friday said had been given unconfirmed reports that the shooter was able to gain access to the school, despite a high security system, because he was recognized as a son of one of the school's employees.

It's believed the gunman took his own life.