Utica, NY (WIBX) - Conservative candidate for Oneida County Executive, Rodger Potocki says his analysis of the county budget is that it's "laden with political patronage jobs and fat with high salaries" that can and will be eliminated if he's elected. Potocki first used the Chief Of Staff position as an example of an unnecessary job that's costing tax payers $117,500 a year and pledged to eliminate it if elected.

During his appearance on First Look this morning, he says the Coroner Coordinator position held by Angelo Amodio, also comes at a pointless cost to tax payers of over $40,000 annually, a position he says is a political appointment. "I contend that that position should be analyzed much more carefully in terms of whether it's needed or not, particularly at that salary. But, the ironic part of it is that it just so happens to go to a former political Republican Chairman of the City of Utica," he said. He says all the positions he's identified should be scrutinized and justified publicly "under the banner of lowering costs to tax payers and political reform."

He also says Picente's office budget is costing tax payers $405,500 annually and accuses the county executive of "not leading by example." Potocki says if elected, he plans to cut his own salary, in addition to cutting high paying staff members, and says his budget would cost tax payers half of what they pay now under Picente's leadership. Picente has not commented on Potocki's claims however, a representative says he plans to address the issues during his appearance on First Look this Wednesday.

Potocki provided this comparison report during his appearance on First Look this morning and said the figures include fringe benefits such as healthcare insurance and social security costs that county residents have to pay for.

County Executive Office Cost to Taxpayer Comparison


  • County Executive - $141,000
  • Chief of Staff - $117,500
  • Executive Secretary - $62,500
  • Ass't. to County Executive - $49,500
  • Ass't. Secretary - $35,000



  • County Executive - $93,600
  • Executive Administrator - $68,000
  • Ass't to Exec. Admin. - $35,500