New York, NY - A man who admitted to murdering his mother-in-law is set to inherit roughly $240,000 from his victim after he serves out his 25 year term, according to the "New York Post."

Brandon Palladino pleaded guilty to murdering his mother-in-law when she found him stealing jewelry from her Long Island home and was sentenced to 25-years.

The victim, Dianne Edwards, named her daughter, Deanna Palladino, as the sole heir to about $430,000.

Deanna Edwards used about $190,000 to defend her husband in the murder case. However, Deanna Edwards died about a year ago, leaving everything to her husband.

The "Post" is reporting the victim's sister is asking the court to throw out the plea deal given to Palladino unless he agrees to forfeit the inheritance. She says she doesn't understand how Palladino can profit from his crime.