Current Utica Councilman Jim Zecca has secured enough signatures to force a Democratic primary for the party's nomination for city comptroller.

Zecca says about 400 of his petitions were disqualified, but he still has more than the required number to force a primary with the party's endorsed candidate, current Utica Council President Bill Morehouse.

He believes the signatures that were voided were from registered Democrats, but said the person collecting them, was not a registered member.

Zecca says he is also working to secure an independent line, the Utica United Party, so even without a primary victory, he would still appear on the ballot in November.

He indicated this third party line would be endorsing other candidates for city races.

''You need 644 [signatures], but you always try to double that because of this nonsense with challenging petitions,'' Zecca said, regarding the Utica United party line.

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